Meet the Host

Meet the Host

Society’s Scarlet Room

The Scarlet Room is housed within Society. Yes, our two concepts share one roof and one entrance (and one extremely cool set of bathrooms). But, they’re very different experiences.

Where the Scarlet Room is warmly lit and intimate, Society glitters with natural light and open space. Created for social butterflies and local artists, Society is a restaurant-meets-clubs-meets-art-gallery-meets-fundraiser.

Grab a seat at the bar if you want to be in the heart of the action, go catch some sunshine on the patio, or cozy up with all your friends in one of the gold velvet booths. However you experience Society, our core values remain the same:

FAQ about the Scarlet Room in Society

Have some questions? This might help:

“So, is this a different bar?”

Yes. It’s one of our affiliate (“sister”) concepts.

“How do I get from the Scarlet Room to Society?”

The Scarlet Room is located inside of Society. One building, two concepts for you to experience. You can use the same entrance, located across from the Crossroads Hotel.

“Can I go back and forth from the Scarlet Room and Society?”

Yes. We invite you to roam between the two. Just as long as both clubs are under capacity limits.

Want to learn more? Head over to Society’s website or follow along on Facebook or Instagram for more information.