The best Kansas City wedding venues aren’t found in bridal magazines. If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind wedding venues in Kansas City, you need to see the Scarlet Room.  

As one of the hottest new small wedding venues in Kansas City, the Scarlet Room is waiting to elevate memories-in-the-making into something you and your guests will never forget. From the popping up the question to the cutting of the cake, here’s how the Scarlet Room is the ultimate wedding venue in Kansas City: 

Engagement Parties 

Out of all the engagement party venues in Kansas City, only the Scarlet Room has the location, price point, size, ambiance, and a full range of capabilities. We are easily one of the most unique engagement party venues Kansas City has to offer but within your budget. From in-house catering and bartending packages to comprehensive media services, we’ll handle everything for a perfect and stress-free engagement party in downtown KC. 

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Bachelor Parties  

Running out of Kansas City bachelor party ideas? Skip the sports bar. The Scarlet Room is here to bring a level of darkly alluring mystique to your upcoming Kansas City bachelor party. Whether you’re looking for someplace to settle in, order some VIP bottle service and party the whole night at, or you want the perfect starting point for pre-party craft cocktails, the Scarlet Room is waiting for your bachelor party, Kansas City grooms-to-be. 

Reserve upcoming bachelor parties in the Scarlet Room here. 

Bachelorette Parties 

The tired Kansas City bachelorette party ideas that revolve around renting a party bus and moving from place to place are over. Instead, reserve a red velvet VIP booth, order some bottle service, and let the party come to you. The Scarlet Room is one of the most enticing and luxe bachelorette party venues Kansas City has to offer.  

Located in the heart of the Kansas City Crossroads Art District, the Scarlet Room is the perfect spot for Kansas City bachelorette party fun in the middle of the city’s action. Unlock the Scarlet Room for your bachelorette, Kansas City. 

Reserve upcoming bachelorette parties in the Scarlet Room here. 

Wedding Showers 

Regardless of whether you’re planning on inviting everyone to the wedding shower as a couple, or you want to stick with a traditional all-ladies KC bridal shower, venues are one of the first choices you’ll need to make. The Scarlet Room is one of the most interesting and distinct bridal shower venues in Kansas City, MO. 

As one of the best bridal shower venues Kansas City has in the Crossroads Art District, the Scarlet Room is perfectly situated for nearby lodging, sightseeing, and entertainment before and after the party. But beyond convenience and affordability, the Scarlet Room is one of the most artistically upscale Kansas City bridal shower venues, and one that your guests will remember. 

Click here to host a wedding or bridal shower in the Scarlet Room. 

Rehearsal Dinners 

What are your plans for your rehearsal dinner, Kansas City? Do you want rehearsal dinner venues in Kansas City, Missouri, that feel tired and unoriginal? Or do you want your dinner before the big day to reflect your personalities and your tastes? 

If you’re looking for one of the most unique, opulent and intimate rehearsal dinner locations Kansas City has to offer, the Scarlet Room is the right fit for you. We’ll handle the food, drinks, music, media, decorating, clean up, hosting and serving. 

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If you’re searching for Crossroads KC wedding venues, it can be disappointing to be met with so many options that are too small, too expensive, or too bland. The Scarlet Room is the answer if you’re planning on a private, small wedding. Crossroads Kansas City Art District is a vibrant, artistic and unique place to find the perfect place to say, “I do.” 

Couples who are interested in Kansas City Crossroads wedding venues are already of the adventurous set. The most important day of your life should reflect that. Come explore the Scarlet Room, and experience one of the most unique wedding venues in Crossroads KC. 

Secure your date now to have your private wedding ceremony in the Scarlet Room. 


Searching for perfect, artistic, and unique downtown Kansas City reception venues? If you need small reception venues, Kansas City only has a handful of options that aren’t too small and too expensive. The Scarlet Room is your pick for Kansas City reception venues if you’re looking for:  

  • Wedding reception venues in Kansas City that are centrally located in the heart of the Kansas City Crossroads. 
  • Affordable reception venues in Kansas City that are still luxe, upscale and unique. 
  • A venue that can handle the food, drinks, music, media, setup, clean up, serving and everything in between. 

The best wedding reception venues in Kansas City are often the ones you wouldn’t expect. If your sensibilities lean toward the mysterious and alluring, reserve the Scarlet Room for your wedding reception, Kansas City. 

Secure your date now to have your small wedding reception in the Scarlet Room. 

We’ll Host and Cater Your Wedding 

Don’t worry about finding wedding caterers. Kansas City couples who host their wedding events in the Scarlet Room have access to our in-house Kansas City wedding catering services. We’ll handle everything, so you don’t have to stress about locating third-party wedding reception catering, Kansas City couples can create customized food and beverage packages, choose from plated or buffet-style meals, and choose from price points that will suit receptions of every size. 

Contact us now about our Kansas City wedding packages and in-house catering services.  

Make Memories in the Scarlet Room 

Contact us to learn how we can make the entire experience, from engagement to the cutting of the cake, absolutely perfect. Reserve the Scarlet Room now. 

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