Affiliated Concepts

Formerly nestled beneath Parkway Social Kitchen on the Kansas City Plaza, the door to the Scarlet Room is now reopening in the Crossroads Art District. This time, you’ll find the Scarlet Room within a new concept. Learn more about all of Scarlet’s sisters, including Society: 


If you’re looking for the Scarlet Room, Kansas City knows where to find it – inside of Society. Society is the newest concept in our collection and houses the Scarlet Room within its walls. When you enter Society, just take a right turn into the Scarlet Room. 

Society and the Scarlet Room may share one roof and one entrance, but they’re two completely different experiences. Where the Scarlet Room is dark and mysteriously alluring, Society is bright, open, and vivacious.

Wander past a towering gilded birdcage to the massive central bar – a circular hub of society that is devoted to locally-sourced art. Or, take your craft cocktail out to the patio to people watch with your friends in the heart of the Crossroads. 

The Fall 

When first descending the stairs from Westport Ale House, KC locals will resurface to describe The Fall as the “Alice in Wonderland bar” Kansas City made nationally famous. The iconic Alice in Wonderland speakeasy Kansas City claims as its own is on everyone’s bucket list.  

Thanks to The Fall, Kansas City bar culture has never been the same, and it’s paved the way for our unique sister concepts. Tumble down into The Fall for a fully immersive experience. 

Westport Ale House 

Getting together for a weekend night out, or trying to find the perfect place to watch the game? The first choice is always Ale House. KC locals know that this is the most energetic, non-stop party spot in the center of Kansas City’s Westport nightlife district and every visitor wants to spend their night here. Everyone who’s anyone will be at Westport Ale House.  

Are you a fan of any one of our concepts? Then you have to visit the Scarlet Room in Society next. Follow all of our concepts on social media to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening throughout the city.