Everything to Do and See in the Crossroads KC

For those who are adventurous enough to look, the Scarlet Room can be found within Society — in the heart of the Crossroads at 2040 Central Street. Our host concept, Society, takes its role as a resident within the Kansas City Crossroads Art District very seriously, seeking to embody the spirit of this historic and artistic neighborhood. If you’re coming to the Crossroads, you have to come to Society and the Scarlet Room. 

Ready to explore the KC Crossroads’ best places? Below, you’ll find all of the Crossroads’ best places — Kansas City bucket list items for tourists and locals alike. Here’s the ultimate list of everything to see, do, eat, and drink in the Crossroads area, Kansas City: 

What to Do 

Wondering what to do in Crossroads KC? You’ll never be bored. There is a never-ending list of things to do in Crossroads KC, but we can only cover so much Kansas City Crossroads entertainment in just one page. Below, we’ll give you the basic overview of some of the top things to do while you’re in the Crossroads (besides visiting us in the Scarlet Room). 

Be sure to check the official KC Crossroads events calendar here to find out what Crossroads Kansas City events are happening right now. 


One thing that is on everyone’s must-see list: Crossroads art galleries. Kansas City knows that this is where you come to enjoy art and culture. Let us be your guide. 

First stop: Art Alley. It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s an always-changing alley filled with iconic Kansas City Crossroads graffiti, courtesy of local artists.  

Next, take a tour of the street artist murals in Kansas City Crossroads. Just look up, and you’ll find Crossroads KC murals on just about every surface in the neighborhood.  

From there, head to Society. The vibe can be described as: What if Crossroads KC art galleries turned into someplace in which you could party and socialize. 

But if you’re into the more traditional Kansas City art galleries, Crossroads is absolutely full of them. Here are just a few: 

First Fridays 

More than anything, you need to experience a Crossroads First Friday. Kansas City comes out on the first Friday of every month to celebrate all things art, from paintings, sculptures and crafts to music, food, drinks, dance and live performances. KC Crossroads First Fridays are essentially a large-scale block party centered around art. And at the center of it all: Society and the Scarlet Room. 

We are the unofficial party and social scene of First Fridays. No Crossroads KC First Fridays visit is complete without Society and the Scarlet Room

Check here to find out what’s going this month’s First Friday, Kansas City Crossroads. 


Art isn’t the only thing our neighborhood is known for — Crossroads KC music is something everyone should experience at least once. Much of the Crossroads music Kansas City gets to enjoy is actually played in the streets during First Fridays. But for ticketed concerts, the best Crossroads KC music venues include: 

Where to Eat 

If you’re visiting Crossroads KC, food will always be on the agenda. Fortunately, when it comes to restaurants, Crossroads KC is famous for its collection of award-winning eateries. We know that there are more restaurants in Crossroads than you could ever hope to try, but we’ll always recommend Society for brunch, lunch, dinner and beyond. 

We’re also proud to say of the best restaurants Crossroads Kansas City has to offer are some of the Scarlet Room’s immediate neighbors. There isn’t enough time or room to talk about all of our favorite restaurants in the Crossroads district, but to get you started here are just a few Crossroads KC restaurants we recommend, based on the time of day: 

Breakfast and Brunch 

We cannot recommend Society’s brunch menu enough. Start your day there with some breakfast cocktails, and the rest of your day in the Crossroads is going to be perfect. But there are always more local brunch spots to try. 

Whether it’s late enough to be on the lookout for brunch in Crossroads KC or it’s still early enough to be considered breakfast, Crossroads KC has some fantastic options for brunch. Crossroads KC favorites include: 


Searching for the best lunch in Crossroads KC? If you’ve already experienced a true Crossroads KC lunch at Society, we have some iconic Crossroads KC lunch spots we always enthusiastically recommend to first-timers. You have to try: 


Already had dinner at Society and want to try something different this time? If you’re looking for something upscale and elegant for dinner in the KC Crossroads, we absolutely recommend that you visit some of our neighbors, like: 

Where to Drink 

There are incredible options when it comes to Crossroads KC bars. We’d be remiss if we didn’t remind you that the Scarlet Room is unique among the bars in Crossroads Kansas City. While there are certainly other bars in Crossroads KC that serve craft cocktails, only the Scarlet Room provides a uniquely social setting in the heart of the Arts District.  

That said, we have plenty of favorites outside of our lounge. Here are some must-try spots, based on your pick of poison: 


There are now so many Crossroads KC breweries that there is now an area called “Brewer’s Alley” in the Crossroads. Here are just a few of our favorite breweries in Crossroads KC: 


In the mood for the best cocktails Crossroads KC has to offer? We invite you to enter the Scarlet Room. Here, craft cocktails are served in a setting that reimagines eras of bygone opulence with all the possibilities of the future.  

But we know we aren’t serving the only cocktails! Crossroads KC has so many fantastic cocktail bars, including: 

Happy Hours 

When it’s Happy Hour, Crossroads Kansas City comes alive. We like to believe that the Scarlet Room has the best happy hour in Crossroads Kansas City, but there are so many fantastic Crossroads Happy Hours. Kansas City go-tos include: 

Where to Stay 

Visiting from out of town? First step: Find conveniently located hotels. Crossroads District Kansas City is one of the most popular places to stay. When visitors ask for recommended hotels in Crossroads KC, we also suggest staying at our across-the-street neighbor, Crossroads Hotel

However, there are a few other hotels near Crossroads KC, like: 

We’ll be here at the Scarlet Room to welcome you to the Kansas City Crossroads Art District with a craft cocktail and a velvet-lined VIP booth. See you soon.